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About The Health Club Personal Trainers


Emma achieved her qualification in Pilates Instruction and Personal Training from UCD Sport & Fitness. She is currently studying to become a nutritionist through Mac-Nutrition Uni. Throughout her studies, Emma learned how to teach a variety of classes, including kettlebells, indoor cycling, suspension training and body conditioning.
As a young teenager, Emma began exploring new ways to improve her athletic ability, thus fueling her passion for fitness. She likes to incorporate a mixture of strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance exercises so her clients can achieve both a balanced body and mind. Emma takes an empathetic approach to fitness and strives to make every client comfortable and confident. This is reflected in her personally tailored programs, ensuring that her clients accomplish their fitness goals. Emma promotes the concept of exercise as enjoyable, believing that consistency is key to achieving targets and enjoying the process.


Luca studied at the "Cattolica" University in Milan where he achieved his certification in Sports Science. He also holds certifications in Personal Training (ISSA) and Client Assessment to determine the most efficient development of physical wellbeing. He has an abundance of experience in personal training and class facilitation, and has a particular interest in TRX, circuits, HIIT and functional training.
Luca has always been passionate about sport, coming from a background of diverse disciplines; soccer, American Football and boxing. Now, his main focus is bodyweight work - he has been practicing Calisthenics since he started university four years ago - which improves body composition and mobility without the use of weights. This type of training has hugely influenced his own daily routine and features in the coaching and programmes for Luca's clients.
Luca believes training should be an enjoyable experience for everyone, and that our bodies are designed to maintain an active lifestyle to reach our optimal fitness level. The individual experience from working with a personal trainer is invaluable in reaching goals and creating the perfect physical and mental balance.
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