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  • The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin Weddings Facilities

 Celebrating Love

On a day like this, every detail seems to sparkle. There is a particularly luminous quality to everything that happens when you are making memories. Your wedding day is made up of a hundred tiny moments, and when you celebrate at The Shelbourne, we will be sure to add at least a hundred more.
The Shelbourne is a spectacular setting for an unforgettable day. Your dream wedding may be an intimate, candle-lit dinner for just a few of your very favourite people. It may be an opulent ball where you are surrounded by everyone you know and love. It might be something in between. Whatever you are planning, it would be our great joy and privilege to help you bring that dream to life. We know that every moment of this day is precious, so we ensure that each one is as perfect as can be. Every member of our staff is devoted to ensuring that you and your guests have the best day imaginable.
Our Wedding Executive, Cathy O'Shea offers you another layer of comfort and reassurance. The morning of a wedding is an exciting, emotional and often very busy time. Cathy is on hand to make sure it runs smoothly and beautifully. She understands your vision inside and out, and is your dedicated coordinator, so that you can completely relax and lose yourself in every perfect moment.

Cathy would be delighted to personally assist with your enquiry, please contact Cathy directly on +353 1 663 4668 or email cathy.o'[email protected]
The Shelbourne Hotel Dublin Wedding Packages


Everything you need for a perfect day.

Looking through our Wedding Package options may give you some ideas for your own celebration. Your wedding should be a unique reflection of your love story, and all of us at The Shelbourne would love to work with you to create a bespoke wedding package based on your own specific vision for your day.


I was fortunate to have had a genealogy meeting with Helen Kelly during her recent visit to New York City. She took a deep personal interest in my search for the birthplace of my Grandfather from County Cork. I was truly amazed by her depth of knowledge of both public and private birth records. I truly enjoyed her professionalism combined with her wonderful sense of humor. Helen is a detective of the highest order.

Fran -

Setup Your Wedding At The Shelbourne Hotel Dublin

The perfect setting

Beautiful moments deserve beautiful backdrops.The space where you exchange your vows — or listen to that once-in-a-lifetime speech — or dance your very first dance as a married couple — is a space that will live in your memory for the rest of your life. Whether you imagine it as intimate or extravagant, traditional or surprising, we have the perfect room for your perfect day.


Plan Your Event At Wedding At The Shelbourne Hotel Dublin


Who says it is impossible to improve on perfection? We are delighted to offer enhancements for the day (and the day before and the day after) which can help add some extra sparkle and extra joy to an already wonderful occasion. From Pre to Post - Wedding celebrations, civil ceremonies, exclusive Spa & Salon services and a dedicated in house florist team, we offer a variety of wonderful enhancements to make your special day even better.

The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin Weddings Facilities
The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin Weddings Facilities
The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin Weddings Facilities
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