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  • Private Dining at The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin

Private Dining

Private Dining at The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin
A uniquely atmospheric, opulent dining experience in some of the most beautiful and most historically significant rooms in the country. Bespoke dining in historic rooms, presented with all the care and drama of formal service which would have been recognisable at any stage in this hotel's grand history, brought forward to a 21st century setting.
Elegantly craft your dining experience from select menus, and choose from wines carefully selected by Nisea Doddy, our award-winning sommelier. Impeccably delivered for eight to eighty people with formal, elevated service in one of four historic rooms, this is a culinary event unmatched anywhere else in Ireland. Candle lit, with Vera Wang crockery, sparkling crystal, sterling silver cutlery, and immaculate service, it is a unique opportunity to channel the sense of history and legacy, the flamboyant personality, grandeur and sparkle that is at the heart of The Shelbourne.

Private Dining at The Shelbourne is an immaculate, candle lit experience of bespoke dining in some of the country's most beautiful and historic rooms.
The Shelbourne Hotel Dublin Wedding Packages Constitution Room

The Constitution Suite

This is The Shelbourne's most famous room. It was here, in 1922, that a committee chaired by Michael Collins sat down to draft the Irish Constitution. Then known only by the humble name of room 112, this was the backdrop for the birth of the Irish Free State. There is an evocative gravitas to The Constitution Room which befits its unique place in Irish history. With the original antique table and chairs used for the signing of The Constitution, luxurious silk wall coverings, crystal chandelier and views overlooking St. Stephen's Green, The Constitution Room is perfectly suited for an elegant and inspiring occasion for up to 22 people.


The Adams & Deirdre Suite

The recently renovated Adam & Deirdre Suites have been impeccably refurbished and reimagined in astonishing detail. Stunning, historically-inflected decor gives this space an unreserved air of richness and splendour and creates a perfect atmosphere for some of life's most memorable moments. In the Adams suite, the lighthearted neoclassical plaster work is complemented by the gorgeous new ceiling: highlighted in soft mauves and lavenders and accented with white gold leaf. In the Deirdre Suite, a warm colour scheme of soft "beeswax yellow" walls and ivory painted panelling creates a gentle and welcoming atmosphere of refined beauty. Together, these exceptional rooms can accommodate guest lists of up to 80 people.


The George Moore Suite

George Moore, playwright and novelist, was born on 24 February 1852 in County Mayo. He immortalised The Shelbourne in his third novel ‘A Drama in Muslin' - a study of the prevailing social conditions of the Irish people, who were desperate for political change and growth. The suite which now bears his name is beautifully furnished with crystal chandeliers, providing a graceful and distinguished welcome for up to 22 guests.


The St. Stephen’s Suite

The beloved St. Stephen's Green sits just across the street from The Shelbourne. This historic garden park has always been an important presence in the life of hotel. It lends its name to the St. Stephen's Suite, where your guests are quite literally surrounded by beauty: glorious views of St. Stephen's Green through the large and graceful windows, the beautiful ornate coving and shimmering chandelier overhead. A spectacular setting for parties of up to 40 people.

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